2022/01/14 Have fun in Taiwan!

‘Have fun in Taiwan!’

Jordan Vang

(photo credit: pixabay)

    Living overseas can be quite the ordeal for many individuals who are not used to a different culture and lifestyle. The language, commute, and even the weather can have a negative or adverse effect on their mindset making it problematic to adjust to a new environment. For those who are experienced in such situations finding a solution is simple. However, to those who are rather new it may become part of a horrible adventure. Hence, here are a few ways to chill, relax, and enjoy Taiwan and its less-popular known activities.

    One simple thing to do outdoors in Taipei is to enjoy your time on a bike while staring at the scenery around the riverparks. Taipei has made a lot of improvements to their transportation sector and because of that bicycles have become more prevalent in recent years, especially with the u-bikes. Easy, simple, and convenient, u-bikes can be found all over Taipei and New Taipei city with bike stations around each MRT Stations and most parks. Combine this with the riverside parks and you have a route that can extend from one area to another such as Xindian to Tamsui. Each ride is a unique journey filled with accidental encounters of strangers, animals, places and events to keep you entertained. Maybe, you’ll find a nice coffee shop such as Mommouth Coffee near Bali and savor the taste of fresh coffee as you continue on your trip. You might even wander around near Gongguan waterfront plaza where some food and a nice beer can help you appreciate the scenery. So live it up a bit and take a chance outside to expose yourself to the scorching heat.

    If traveling outside is not your cup of tea then try some indoor activity like the little known board game cafes. All around Taipei and New Taipei city are these simple yet unique board game shops, or cafes, that offer a variety of games, food, and even drinks. Not only can you order some snacks, while playing an array of games with friends, but you can also mingle with the local customers. This is a perfect chance for a language exchange, as most games are in Chinese or are popular western board games translated into Chinese, such as Catan. Thus, use this chance to learn and befriend those with a similar taste of life.

10 Words to Learn


ordeal (n.)

(英) a very unpleasant and painful or difficult experience
(日) 試練、苦しい体験
(中) 磨難;嚴峻考驗
“The hostages’ ordeal came to an end when soldiers stormed the building.”

mindset (n.) 

(英) a set of attitudes or fixed ideas that somebody has and that are often difficult to change
(日) 習慣となった考え方
(中) 思想傾向;思維方式
"It’s extraordinary how hard it is to change the mindset of the public and the press."

hence (adv.) 

(英) that is the reason for
(日) 従って、これゆえに
(中) 因此,所以
"His mother was Italian, hence his name – Luca."

sector (n.) 

(英) one of the areas into which the economic activity of a country is divided
(日) (産業、経済などの)部門、活動分野
(中)  (一國經濟活動的)部門,領域,行業
"In the financial sector, banks and insurance companies have both lost a lot of money."

prevalent (adj.) 

(英) existing very commonly or happening often
(日) 流行する、普及する
(中) 流行的,盛行的
"Trees are dying in areas where acid rain is most prevalent."

encounters (n.) 

(英) a meeting, especially one that happens by chance
(日) 偶然の出会い、遭遇
(中) 偶然相遇,邂逅
"This meeting will be the first encounter between the party leaders since the election."

savor (v.) 

(英) to enjoy food or an experience slowly, in order to enjoy it as much as possible
(日) 堪能する
(中) 細品,享用(食物)
"It was the first chocolate he’d tasted for over a year, so he savored every mouthful."

scorching (adj.) 

(英) very hot
(日) 灼熱の
(中) 灼熱的;極熱的
"It was scorching hot inside the greenhouse."

mingle (v.)

(英) to be mixed or combined
(日) 混ざり合う
(中) (使)混合;(使)相混
"The sound of laughter and singing mingled in the evening air.”

thus (adv.)

(英) in this way ; like this
(日) このように
(中) 如此,這樣
"This plan will reduce waste, and thus cut costs.”