2021/11/25 ‘Lake Tahoe - A Global Warming Victim’

‘Lake Tahoe - A Global Warming Victim’

Tim Lee

    A caravan of cars streaming out of a city to escape some apocalyptic event may seem dramatic, but for millions of Californians, this has become their reality in the past few weeks. The forests around Lake Tahoe was the latest to go up in flames in what is now the largest wildfire in California history, and to many, it sends a harrowing message of just how inhabitable the Golden State had become.

    Lake Tahoe is the largest freshwater alpine lake in North America, sitting at the border between California and Nevada. The lake is a world famous ski destination known for its powdery slopes. The myriad of outdoor activity options available, combined with the convenient location to a nearby casino, Reno, made Lake Tahoe a popular vacation destination for many people in California.

    For college students, Lake Tahoe is a perfect getaway location with friends during winter vacation. A group of friends would often rent an entire vacation house along the lake and then split the cost. The vacation houses around the area were decked out for such purposes. Outdoor jacuzzi hot tubs, spacious indoor recreation rooms, six-car garages, and extra large sun decks were just the “basic” amenities. Houses would often come with waxing benches for ski and snowboards, and even closets specially made to store ski gears. Some of the best vacation stories I have all came from times when I stayed there with my friends!

    I was just as shocked as many viewers on TV when images of a smoke filled Reno City flashed on the evening news, followed by the footage of people fleeing from the wildfire in their cars. The dense evergreen forest surrounding the lake had gone up in flames, all the more unbelievable because in my mind, the place was always a cold, frozen landscape blanketed with white snow.

    The entire west coast of the United States was pretty much burning in 2021. Many fires started in surprising locations that shouldn’t have been dry or hot enough to burn. What this says is that the effects of global warming may be coming sooner than we expected. The message may be old and tired now, but if we don’t want to lose places like Lake Tahoe to wildfires, then we need to act more responsibly towards our environment.

10 Words to Learn


caravan (n.)

(英) a group of people, animals or vehicles who travel together
(日) 隊商、キャラバン、 旅行隊
(中) 車隊
“The caravan of cars and trucks moved up the highway.”

stream (v.) 

(英) to flow somewhere or produce liquid, quickly and in large amounts without stopping
(日) 流れる、流れ出る
(中) 流,流出
"I saw tears streaming down his face."

apocalyptic (adj.) 

(英) showing or describing the total destruction or extremely bad future events
(日) 黙示録の、世界の、終末の
(中) 預示大災難的,預言世界末日的
"The book shows apocalyptic warnings about our destruction of the environment."

harrowing (adj.) 

(英) making you feel every upset because you are very shocked or frightened
(日) 痛ましい、悲惨な
(中) 折磨人的,令人痛苦的
"His book tells the harrowing story of how they climbed Mt. Everest."

inhabitable (adj.) 

(英) able to be lived in or on
(日) 住居に適する、住める
(中) 適合居住的,可居住的
"Soon we will be running out of inhabitable space on the planet."

myriad (adj.) 

(英) extremely large in number
(日) 無数の
(中) 無數,極大數量
"There are the myriad problems of modern life."

deck (v.) 

(英) to decorate something
(日) 飾りつける
(中) 裝飾
"The room was decked out in flowers and balloons."

dense (adj.) 

(英) containing a lot of things, plants, etc. with little space between them
(日) 密集した
(中) 濃的,濃密的
"The forest is quite dense at that point."

evergreen (adj.)

(英) (of a tree or bush) that has green leaves all through the year
(日) 常緑の
(中) 常青的,常綠的
"Even during the winter, an evergreen tree still keeps its green leaves, never losing them to the cold.”

blanket (v.)

(英) to cover something completely with a thick layer
(日) 一面におおう
(中) 以厚層覆蓋
"The ground was soon blanketed with snow..”