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Andre Nagel

Andre Nagel (Head Teacher) Is from the Netherlands / the UK and has been teaching in and managing Academic Departments across various South-East Asian countries since 2000. He majored in Social-Economic Development and also holds a CTWE certificate. From 2006 – 2011, Andre successfully completed various certification training programs to teach/train adult learners. Andre believes that the communicative approach to learning a language is key to getting the students to use the language as much as possible and this in turn will be beneficial to the student learning the language efficiently and effectively. Andre also believes that learning is a two-way process, where teachers can also learn new things from students, which is why cultural sensitivity plays a crucial role when teaching a language to an ESL student.
Cary Lawrance Harding

Cary Lawrance Harding (ESL Teacher) is originally from the United Kingdom. He completed a bachelor's degree in media and performing arts at De Montfort University, and worked for several years as a photo shoot planner for a fashion company. Since moving to Singapore in 2013, Cary has been enjoying exploring Southeast Asia (and its food!). He likes travel, cooking, photography and running.Cary has a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) and loves meeting new students.
Colin Robert Cairns

Colin Cairns Robert (ESL Teacher) He is from Ireland and graduated from the University of Lincoln with an honours degree in Graphic Design.  He also holds a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults from International House, Bangkok and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (ESOL) from the University of Wales, Newport.  Before coming to Singapore he taught in Japan, the U.K. and aboard a ship that travelled around the world.  He is interested in travel, languages and photography.
Daniel St Hill Cox

Daniel S T Hill Cox (Senior ESL Teacher) He is from the U.K. He believes that learning should be fun and productive. He has been living in Singapore for almost three years. He teaches a wide variety of business and conversational English to a mixture of intensive and part-time students. He is currently responsible for the development and implementation of a number of new writing/conversation courses. He helps monitor the academic assessment of students by meeting regularly to develop end of term tests etc.
Fearghal Damien Barry

Fearghal Barry Damien (ESL Teacher) He is from the Republic of Ireland. He holds a B.A. in History and Politics, a Masters in American History and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from University College Cork. Before coming to Singapore, Fearghal worked in retail and has a long history of charity and community work. Fearghal's hobbies are music, films, reading and gaelic hurling. 
James Challander

James Challander (ESL Teacher) is originally from the U.S.A. and has been living in Southeast Asia since 1994. He graduated from Columbia International University with a Masters Degree in Divinity and received his Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from London Teacher Training College. Having studied Greek, Spanish and Indonesian, he is able to relate to students’ learning needs. He believes that lessons conducted in a lively and creative environment makes learning a rewarding experience.
Jessica Valderrama

Jessica Valderrama (ESL Teacher) She is from Florida, USA and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. She holds a TEFL certification from International TEFL Teacher Training (ITTT) and taught English for 3 years in South Korea. Having enjoyed the experience of living and working abroad, she's looking forward to her experience here in Singapore and at GEOS. She works hard to create an enjoyable and open environment for students to grow and learn the English language.
Jonathan Andrew Cropper

Jonathan Andrew Cropper, (ESL Teacher) originally from UK, has lived with his family in Singapore, for nearly three years. He is presently studying towards a BA with the Open University UK, focussing upon language, culture and business. Andrew is also a CELTA qualified teacher. In his spare time, Andrew is learning to speak Chinese so appreciates some of the challenges of learning a new language! He likes to work with students on identification of individual and group problems with a view to resolving, together. Any spare time Andrew has, he enjoys music.
Luke Harless

Luke Harless, (ESL Teacher) originally from the U.S.A, studied at the University of Oregon and has a TEFL Certification from I-to-I London. In addition to teaching General English and TOFEL Testing courses to adults and children for 2 years in Turkey, he taught in-company and private English courses to business professionals for the past 3 years in Germany. He has been living abroad since 2005 and has been a student himself learning a second language, using his experiences to help teach new students. He enjoys meeting new people and learning something new about all cultures.Luke started his Teaching career in 2010 getting certified from I-to-I London and taught his first class in November in Istanbul, Turkey. Since then he has taught in Ankara, Turkey, and in several cities around Frankfurt, Germany.
Janet Beveridge

Janet Beveridge (ELS Teacher) is from the U.K. and graduated from Queen's University Belfast with a degree in Law. She also holds a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults from ILA, Vietnam. She has taught English in Italy, Vietnam and Singapore and has been living in Singapore for almost four years. She is interested in reading and history.
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