About Us

About Us

GEOS Language Centre was established on 02 September 1997 at Orchard Tower in Singapore. The core business of the school focused on English classes for the Japanese housewives and businessmen who reside in Singapore. Such service was then extended to Koreans in the early 2000s. Thereafter, the school started to venture into a more International market in the mid 2000s. To date, apart from Japanese and Korean students, we have had students from Russia, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Vietnam and even South Africa. In 2013, GEOS schools in ASIA were acquired by Yoshihan Co Ltd and FVC Advisor Ltd; both are well established companies specialize in a wide variety of businesses.

GEOS Mission Statement
Our company enhances people through business and we contribute to people’s happiness, prosperity and social well-being by making dreams come true in a spirit of cooperation.

GEOS Motto
1) The way of the Merchant (商人の道):  We, as a company, hold attention to service and customer trust in the highest regard.
2) The way of Truth (真実の道): We are genuine and honest in seeking truth and justice.
3) The way of the Pioneer (開拓の道): We work hard to overcome any difficulties.
4) The way of Courtesy (礼節の道): We respect our parents and superiors and have an exacting and kind love for our subordinates. We treat each other with mutual respect and civility.
5) The way of Gratitude (感謝の道): We have an appreciation for our parents, ancestors, and the earth. We cannot and do not forget that we are in this world because of them.

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178 Clemenceau Avenue. Haw Par Glass Tower, #01-00. Singapore 239926
TEL:+65 6734 7556/ 6734 6833
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