English|Course Introduction
  • Tiered Learning
    Courses that perfectly suits your level

    GEOS divides English level into 10 tiers.

    All students are assessed for their levels before classes begin. The assessments includes paper test as well as individual consultations with our professional teachers. Based on this pre-assessments, we can better help you plan individualized learning plans and get an accurate understanding of your listening, speaking, and writing levels.

  • Combo Classes
    The best combination of certification and conversation classes!
    Combo Classes

    There is no need to sit in a cram center with hundreds of people fighting for teacher's attention. Our experienced teacher will bring you personalized instruction and help you target certification exams with precise efficiency. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing conversation ability to study for certification exams. Practice conversation effortlessly at our language center will give you the real advantage and the confidence to speak, making your certifications more valuable! Our combination of experienced Chinese and English teachers will make your education experience better.

  • Our Classes
    Small group classes means more chance to speak up!
    Our Classes

    Our classes are divided into personal, five people, and ten people classes. We insist on providing the best quality education in small classes and upholds the Japanese enterprise spirit of providing the best for our students.


    Ten people classes

    Classes have only 6-10 people, so you have more chance to speak up during class and improve your conversation ability. We do not follow the traditional "teacher-centered" methodology and instead focus on our students as the core of teaching. This is to make sure each student can apply what they have learned in class in their everyday lives.


    Five people classes

    A tiny group class that's smaller than a "small" class! Enjoy the benefits of private classes and also keep the interactivities of group classes. Our professional teaching staff will prepare classes based on each student's learning goals and provide focused practice on weak points. Each student can quickly reach their learning target this way.


    Private classes

    Private classes enjoy even more advantages compared to group classes:

    Flexible time

    Classes can be arranged based on your personal time schedule.


    Professional planning

    Classes can be customized to fit your individual needs. Improve on your weaknesses and strengthen your good points. With customized plan, you can reach your personal learning goals even faster.


    Personal teacher

    Personal teachers will be assigned based on your learning needs.


    Whether you are just starting out on the basics or need to improve on areas such as business English, GEOS will be able to help you plan out the best courses, so you can easily reach your ideal learning goal.

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